The purpose of this contest is to :
Have some fun
Encourage you, the amateur duck caller, to become a better duck caller
Encourage you  to visit and support web sites that are waterfowl hunting oriented and where you can exchange views with other waterfowlers

How it works

Many people are reluctant to talk in front of a crowd, much less compete in a duck calling "contest". This format allows you to 'compete' in complete anonymity from the convenience of your private computer. There is no stage fright to worry about, no fear of embarrassment in front of your friends and its FUN.
In fact, maybe contest is the wrong word. Think of it like a 'fun' shoot', where prizes are awarded for participating as much as for 'winning' and the object is to have fun and maybe learn something in the process.

The Judges are experienced duck hunters and realize that many people are reluctant to have others hear them use a duck call, whether from embarassment or fear of ridicule. This format eliminates that by using a number system for the contestants. In fact, the judges never even know who the contestants are.

The contestants will send a file containing their entry for the sequence being judged that week via e-mail to the contest organizer   Dr Duck

Calling sequences  and entry dates are :

In addition, every contestant is eligible for a weekly drawing for prizes to be drawn at random by the lovely Mrs. Duck from the table below:



Tim Grounds Duck Call, Buck Gardner Duck Call, $25 Gift Certificate to,$50 Gift Certificate to Hoosier Jim's Duck Store, $50 Gift Certificate for Avery Products

The Duck Blind
Jim Burhans

Handcrafted Custom Call in the Marshmaster Style

Doc Calls
Dr. D.D. Hull

Two Custom Braided Lanyards with whistle lines

Ken's Lanyards

Ken Versluis

Autographed and personalized   by the author, a copy of
Howard Harlan's
Duck Calls an Enduring American Folk Art
a copy of
Custom Calls
by Jim Fleming

Crackling Mallard Duck Calls

Chester Mathias

Two Echo Poly Timber Calls

Duck Hunter's Refuge

David Corum

Two Equalizer Duck Calls

Carlson Championship Calls

Jim James
World Champion 1996

Custom Timber Mallard Duck Call

Timber Mallard Duck Calls

Patrick Lenderman

Two Handcrafted  Custom Duck Calls

Big Muddy Waterfowl Supply Company

Big Muddy

Cash and Technical support Sprig's Waterfowl
Mike Baalman
Dr. Duck's Office

Bill Coatney

Prize winners,both overall and weekly,will posted on the Sponsor Page   WINNERS  

How do I enter?
Contestants will register with the contest organizer by May 2nd/1999. Entries are via e-mail. Contestants will supply name, address and e-mail address. All information is confidential and will not used for any purpose other than this contest. Contestants will be assigned a number for contest identification purposes.

Do I need any equipment/software?
Items needed for participating in the contest:
Duck Call, single or double reed
Computer with a sound recording program (Windows, usually in Accessories-Sound Recorder- I'm not familiar with the  Mac equivalent)
Microphone hooked up to computer/microphone 'port'
E-mail program capable of sending sound file attachments

How do I format sound files?
In Windows, go to Programs, Accessories, Multimedia, Sound Recorder.
Record your calling sequence to your satisfaction. Go to file and click Save AS. Assign name to file and click radio button CHANGE, select 8,000kHz 8 bit Mono, click OK and then save file to whatever folder you choose. You may wish to put a folder on your Desktop for convenience and ease of finding it later.

Go to this page formatting sound files and follow the procedures on that page.

How do I send my entry to the contest organizer?
Open e-mail program and type or copy the following address: or use the supplied link e-mail Dr Duck
Type contest on subject line
Give name or contestant number and then click attach (paper clip icon), browse til you find file that you wish to attach( remember folder on Desktop idea?) and highlight file and click Attach. Click SEND and that should do it. Alert contest organizer if this doesn't work for you.


Who are the judges?
Mike Baalman

Host of Sprig's Waterfowl. Mike is an accomplished caller and duck hunter in the Mid Mississippi valley and other states..
Jim Burhans

Host of "THE DUCKBLIND, best damn duck blind in cyber space". Jim has more years chasing waterfowl in many states and Canada, than many of us have just being alive.
Chester Mathias

Host of Cracklin Mallard Duck Calls. Chester is another veteran of waterfowl chasing. He is also a callmaker and knows the difficulty that some folks can have in using a duck call.
Bill DeGeorge
veteran East Coast waterfowler and well known poul'deau gourmand
. Field,tidal creek and big bay, Bill hunts it.
Patrick Lenderman
A young Arkansas callmaker. Host of Timber and one of the new generation of duck hunters/callmakers.

Scoring system:
Judges will have a maximum score of 20 points to a minimum score of 10 points for each calling sequence. The high and low score will be disregarded  in determining the contestant's score for each calling sequence. The contestant that has the highest cumulative score at the end of all calling sequences will be the 1st Place winner, the next highest cumulative score will be awarded 2nd Place and the next highest cumulative score will be awarded 3rd Place. In the event of a tie, the prize money will added together and split equally between the number of contestants that are tied.
Decision of the judges is final , as is the decision of the contest organizer.
Don't bother to sue, none of us have enough money to get around the block much less to interest a lawyer.

If you haven't noticed some judges are also sponsors. If this bothers you, even though the judges will not know who the contestants are, then please do not enter the contest.


judges and sponsors are not elegible to compete



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