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Greetings Fellow Waterfowler's
In the weeks to follow, it is my hope to let you know how things are progressing not only where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet just North of St. Louis, but also what's shaking in the rest of the state.
Having  hunted up (St. Louis area) here since 1983, I've been able to make some contacts with a hardcore bunch of duck and goose chaser's and I hope to get reports from some of the private ducks clubs to let the public land hunter know where the concentrations of waterfowl are. The last couple of years have seen spotty results in this section of the flyway, so knowing where the birds are is becoming more and more crucial.
I invite all Missouri and Illinois hunters to participate in tracking the migration through our region.
It will take more than just me, my friends and the Missouri Hunting Web page to keep up with what's happening.
Thanks for your help
Bill Coatney
Dr Duck