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First thing!!!--print this page --

for PC's

go to

START BUTTON  on taskbar click it

go to

Programs    click it

go to

Accessories click it

find Multimedia

go to

Sound Recorder

This opens the Sound Recording program.

To record a sound

1)    Make sure you have an audio input device connected to your computer.( microphone)
2)    On the File menu, click New.
3)   To begin recording, click . the button with the  RED DOT
4)    To stop recording, click .the button with the BLACK DOT
5)     Record your calling sequence to your satisfaction.
6)    Go to file and click Save AS.
7)    Assign name to file and click button CHANGE,
8)    on drop down menu,scroll up to  8,000kHz 8 bit Mono,select it
9)    click OK and then save file to whatever folder you choose. Default is Windows. 

You may wish to put a folder named Contest on your Desktop for convenience and ease of finding it later.

If all else fails use the Help File that comes with the program or e-mail Dr Duck