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Welcome Letter 

February 10, 1998 
St. Louis, Missouri 
Office of Dr. Duck 

Welcome to Dr. Duck's Office. 

You don't need an appointment so come on in and roam around.  The duck season never  
closes here.  The purpose of this site is to show off a few of the people that I hunt with  
in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Future plans will be to have some guest 'columnist' give us their opinions about duck hunting and the outdoors in general.  
At the moment I'm playing around  with the idea of a talk group, but that is in the future. 
Got a photo that you are real proud of?  Click the e-mail button at the bottom of the  
page and we'll see if we can't paste your mug on the wall.  While your at it, write a few 
lines about what the hunting is like or the particulars of where the photo was taken.  If  
you got a big buck or caught a lunker, we just might be able to post that also. 

Here in Dr. Duck's Office, we want to try and answer the questions about why "perfectly 
sane" individuals get up at 4a.m. to go duck hunting.  If your wife/family/co-workers/boss 
asks you why, tell them you've got a doctor's excuse and that you are under 'professional' 
care.  Tell'em Dr. Duck approves of the course of treatment. 

This is a non commercial site, i.e.   I ain't gonna make any money off it. If the site grows 
to where it becomes a large expense, then and only then, will I accept donations. ( bribes 
are another story). 

I've read some of the more formal 'commercial' sites don't allow Joe Average Hunter to say  
he  has some decoys that he'd like to unload because the Warden( wife) says "she's going to  
leave if he doesn't get rid of some of that junk."  Well, I'm not going to add to the poor 
spineless creature's humiliation by saying you can't post that here( if we get a talk group). 

To those of you that are Alumni of FIU or currently attending classes at same, this counts 
as extra credit.  For those that don't know about FIU, either e-mail me or go to Hoosier 
Jim's Duck Blind.  Be warned The Duck Blind isn't for the faint  of heart.  An alternative 
is to go to the SPAV ( 'Debating Society')  where FI's and FE's come together to discuss the 
topics of  the day. Of course, if I decide to put a talk group together  your opinions will be 
welcome. Thanks and please sign the guest book  

Bill Coatney 
Dr. Duck 
FI till I Die 

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