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Tripod, Inc. is the flagship online-community company of the Lycos Network. Our popular Web site equips every Web user with the best personal-publishing tools and services available to create top-notch online environments with ease. Tripod provides fast-growing interactive community, stimulating content, and wide-ranging e-commerce opportunities to more than 4 million members worldwide. Check out our exciting history in the Tripod Insider archives.

We're also a bunch of fun-loving programmers, designers, editors, customer-service experts, and businesspeople living and working in rural Massachusetts. All of our efforts are dedicated to supporting Tripod's thriving membership of streetsmart Web citizens.

Tripod is all of these things in these fascinating, changing times. We invite you to join us at the apex of the World Wide Web! Take a moment to register as a member — it's quick and it's FREE — and then just start clicking around. Glad you could be a part of Tripod!

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